We love the brochures you created for us.

Cathy Holt
The Other Side Academy, Director of Development

"The magazine is beautiful. I couldn't have done it without you."

—Cole Fullmer, Founder and Publisher of Salt Baked City

"A call to action master. His deft skill can evoke soul, elevate thought, and move people to action. He improves everything he touches, and he touches everything. Sound, video, script, copy, articles, PR... etc. Abraham can tell your story well, delivering exceptional quality, beyond expectations. Connect with confidence."

—Shane McKenna, Founder & CTO, Ascending Harvest
Revolutionizing the Art of Growing Food — Empowering Community

"We have worked together for a few years on a variety of editorial projects. He has shown uncommon passion and reliability. It has been a pleasure to work with him.

— Thad Kelling, Marketing Manager, Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, University of Utah

"Abraham is a hard worker and a pleasure to work with. We have worked together for a few years on a variety of editorial projects. He has shown uncommon passion and reliability. It has been a pleasure to work with him."

—Thad Kelling, Marketing Director

Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, University of Utah 



"During his tenure at The Globe, I have found Abraham’s work to be of the highest quality and accuracy. He is dedicated to writing and media production; he goes the extra mile with each project given, story assigned, and article written."

—Julie Gay

Visual Communication & Media Studies Professor

Salt Lake Community College 

"Abraham is a creative thinker and he shines in his ability to use language. His creativity is especially noteworthy in his response to criticism. His stories were broad, informative and engaging."

—Nick Burns

Associate Dean of Communication & Performing Arts,

Salt Lake Community College

"Abraham's my Word Wizard."

— Matt Wunderli 

Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship,

University of Cambridge, Judge Business School

"I absolutely love this (video). Abraham and Anne I cannot thank you enough. I know you put in a lot of work! It is appreciated."

"Abraham was a key member of a student group we had working for our client, Tracy Aviary. It was clear from the first days of the project that Abraham was going to go the extra mile -- he truly embraced the project, developed personal relationships with Tracy Aviary staffers and ended up writing and producing audio and video presentations. He's talented, versatile and imaginative."

—John Youngren

Vice President/Shareholder,

LOVE Communications

"Abraham is a good team player, makes friends easily, and is roundly balanced with a deep well of experience and knowledge. These traits are revealed with insightful
connect-the-dot analysis and idea-generation that comes quickly when invited
-and, he's careful to temper that with a delightful and quick wit."

"You are crushing the stories. You can write, you can take photos, you can work with video, and you can put together great audio."

"Abraham was a delight to work with on 'Nature in the City' video series created for Tracy Aviary. He was a great communicator, helping us to translate their needs into five short videos. Abraham was instrumental in creating the opportunity for our production team to work with the fabulous education team at Salt Lake's own Tracy Aviary."

—Jake Garn

 Owner-Photographer, Shoot for Love.net 

"Abraham is a true Wordsmith. I met him because he recently did a piece on Hall Labs. I will tell you there is no limit with Abraham."

— Ty Foster, Head of Investor Relations, Hall Labs



"In business, writing is inextricably tied to company identity."

Kyle Wiens, HBR

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