Messaging Design is Solution Work

Crafted with Purpose

Respect for the story in all things inspires me as a message matcher, and designer of written solutions.

REASONS to use STUDIOWORD when your communication needs more than fluff:

#1 SUPERPOWER: Moving people to action through writing.

#2 When it comes to communication, I only do solution work.

#3 Uncompromising devotion to excellent results.

I believe Communication is solution work, which is why I chose a Quill tip to represent what I love to do—solving problems with strategic communication in the same way scribes once shared knowledge & experience with the old world.




Wordsmith & Dog named Finn

"The future needs sentences, not just code."

Kristen Felicetti, Monster


To Inform & Delight

Growing up in places such as Africa and the City of Brotherly Love as a preacher's kid taught me Communication moves everything


Lnguage feeds my understanding of People, which is why I never tire of finding ways to put language on task. as I'df

Following design-legend Milton Glaser's example, I always strive to inform and delight. Ultimately, my goal as a problem-solving communication specialist, is to improve & amplify what needs to be communicated for those I work with.

I offer messaging design solutions that will tell your story as it should be told.

"Your company is only as good as your writing."

— Kyle Wiens, iFixit CEO, Harvard Business Review

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